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The support of professional, compassionate, non-judging program managers to give you the extra set of hands, a clear system, and the answer to, 'Where do I start?'
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Corporate Consulting

Looking to improve your workforce productivity, systems, time management, and organization?

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Momentum Accountability

Daily accountability, coaching and strategy for entrepreneurs & professionals to get more work done.

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Supporting Parent Entrepreneurs Growing a Business & a Family

Giving you more time, more money, more space for what really matters.

Nettie Owens, CPO-CD helps businesses get more DONE.

She works with entrepreneurs, professionals, and corporations to reach their biggest goals through accountability and productivity.

Nettie is a nationally recognized organizing, accountability, and productivity expert. Her methodologies are brain-based and backed by science. She has written the book on creating an environment that supports who you are, what you do and where you would like to go. It is her mission to help others to clear the path to their potential.

After 14 years supporting residential clients, she has taken her expertise to focus on programs like Momentum Accountability and the Launch Conference. She connects daily with her business clients to help them discern what activities will help them complete their biggest goals.

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SPEAKING – Nettie Owens, CPO-CD is an award-winning entrepreneur, Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization, author, and speaker. Click here to invite Nettie to speak at your company, conference or event.

COACHING – We work with entrepreneurs to help them get out of their heads and onto the path of achieving their biggest goals. The Momentum Accountability Program pairs daily personalized accountability and monthly one on one coaching with group Vision & Strategy Sessions. Click here to learn more about the Momentum Accountability Program.

CONSULTING – Corporations hire us to improve employee productivity, job satisfaction, communication and well being through evaluation, training, coaching, and systems. Click here to share your company’s needs.

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The information presented in Dreams to ACTION begs to be shared.  We, human beings, can make healthy choices that impact us individually.  Those choices can continue to be shared and influence others while impacting our own relationships.  The information allowed me to look beyond the “current” schedule in my head and find time to think about and plan for future goals and projects.  I felt rejuvenated.
Sheila MurphyUpper Bay Counseling & Support Services, Inc.