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Is your to-do list longer than you have time in the day, week (or year) to complete? Do you find yourself completing the same or similar tasks repeatedly? Do you wish you had time to FOCUS and that if you did you could accomplish what is on your list? Do you find yourself saying, “It’s just easier to do it myself” rather than to delegate tasks? Are you

late for appointments, pushing deadlines, billing fewer hours than you work, working more than 40 hours in a week or finding it difficult to take time for yourself?

Getting clear on what is going on in your business, organization or department can increase your time, productivity, profitability, revenue and job satisfaction.

Price Waterhouse Coopers estimates that workers spend nearly 50 percent of their time looking for information, including paper documents. The average document is copied 19 times-a drain on paper, ink and supplies.

Sullivan, Mark. Advanced Processing & Imaging want to make fans out of its records customers. The Commercial Appeal, 01/04/2010 Quotation by/from PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Evaluate Your Current Productivity, Time Management, and Organization Levels

“The longest part of the journey is said to be the passing of the gate” Marcus Terentius Varro

The longest part of the journey is the decision to take action. Once that decision is made, you set into motion the events that will soon carry you on a new journey to a destination designed by you.

To help you in this process, I have developed an assessment to determine your current productivity, time management and organization areas of improvement. This assessment will help you determine what areas to focus on and what is causing the current difficulty you are facing.  Click the button below to complete your free assessment.

Full Day Comprehensive Strategy Session

  1. Review of organization values, mission & guiding principals
    1. What is the mission of the department/organization
    2. What exactly to you do?
    3. What is going well?
    4. Who is your client? Who do you serve?
  2. Development of Core Values
    1. What is important about this department/organization? What principles do you operate by?
    2. What 5-7 of those values are most important?
  3. Time & Work Analysis
    1. What tasks are performed?
    2. What else do you do throughout your day?
    3. How is time spent in a typical day/week?
  4. Vision Clarification
    1. Was there a time when things were working well? When was that? What changed?
    2. What ideal are you working towards? ‘Wave a magic wand’
  5. Systems Analysis
    1. What systems are already in place written, technological, social, etc?
  6. Issue Analysis
    1. What are your challenges?
    2. What is getting in the way?
    3. What are your time or productivity blocks?
  7. Processing Modality & Sensitivity Analysis
    1. What are your top 3 Strengths & Sensitivities?
    2. How do you receive & process information?
    3. Other tools – Strengths Finder, Kolbe, Myers Briggs, etc
  8. Space Analysis
    1. How is the space supporting or impinging on progress & productivity?
  9. Measurables & Goals Setting
    1. What can we track to determine success?
    2. Create Action Plan for 30-90 days


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