Sappari Solutions Organizers provide services to meet your needs.  Use this checklist to determine which service fits you best.  Not sure?  I invite you to schedule a Getting Acquainted Call to help you determine your best path.


On-Site Services

  • Need an extra set of hands to get the job done?
  • Not sure where to start or what is causing the problems?
  • Is your project BIG with lots of moving parts?
  • Are you limited on time to get the job done?
  • Do you need someone to coordinate the organizing work and other professionals such as cleaning, contracting, hauling, etc?
  • Are you downsizing from a larger home to a smaller?
  • Do you need help clearing physical clutter?
  • Do you just not want to do it yourself?
  • Are you looking for 100% customized, hands-on strategies and solutions?
  • Are you looking to create time and space to live a more joyful life?
  • Do you live in Harford, Cecil or  Baltimore County in Maryland?

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Coaching with Nettie using the Take Control System(tm)

  • Are you a self-starter?
  • Do you want the support of like-minded a community?
  • Are funds for your project an issue?
  • Do you want to work directly with Nettie Owens, CPO-CD?
  • Do you want to activate your personal potential by committing to working on your space?
  • Are you seeking to change your mindset are your things, time and environment?
  • Do you want to confidently, say ‘No’?
  • Are you panicked at the thought of letting go?
  • Do you desire to learn an organizing system that you can use in any situation?
  • Do you need help immediately?
  • Do you live outside the Baltimore area?

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Speaking & Presentation Services

  • Are you looking for a dynamic speaker for your event?
  • Do want to host a retreat for your women’s or another professional group?
  • Are you looking for an expert panelist on the topics of clutter, chronic disorganization, hoarding, ADHD, organizing, or the mind-environment connection?
  • Do you want a break-out session that will leave your attendees feeling empowered, productive and excited for life?


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