Let me know if this sounds all too familiar… · Endless emails and text messages sent back and forth as you attempt to get projects

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Momentum Planner

Did you catch Andrew Kap’s interview on Tuesday for “What Businesses Need to Know Right Now”? It was all about value and gratitude – and it had

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Momentum Live: The CEO Experience

Raise your hand if you’ve attended Momentum Live. Raise your hand if you’ve attended numerous Momentum Lives. Raise your hand if you’re thinking you’d like to attend Momentum Live.

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Team 501c

In Tuesday’s email, you had the pleasure of meeting Sherene Rapoport in the interview she did for “What Businesses Need to Know Right Now.” Sherene shared all

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What Does Momentum Mean?

mo·​men·​tum | \ mō-ˈmen-təm , mə- \ plural momenta\ mō-​ˈmen-​tə , mə-​ \ or momentums Definition of momentum 1: a property (see PROPERTY SENSE 1A)

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The weekend is here! Actually, if you’re like me, you probably think about your weekend starting when you shut down your computer on Friday afternoon.

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