Additional Workshops

The following topics are available for presentations 20 minutes to 2 hours in length.


  •  The Framework of Productivity – Want to learn how to do more in less time?  Increase motivation, productivity and happiness with three proven strategies.
  •  Where Does the Time Go? – Corporate executives study time because they know just how valuable it is.  Use their methods to make the most out of your own ‘corporate empire.’
  •  Let Go of Clutter – Is clutter taking over your life? Our proven strategies will help you tame the clutter and control the chaos without feeling overwhelmed.
  •  Get Organized, Go Green – Organizing and green living go hand in hand.  Learn how you can support your efforts in each through this seminar.
  •  Tackling Paper Clutter – Drowning in a mountain of bills, catalogs, invites, school papers, business cards and more?  Learn how to create a sustainable process for handling your paper and keeping your sanity!
  •  Focus on Your Future – Do you know where you are going?  Setting goals helps give focus to your dreams and allows you to take action.  In this presentation you will learn what it means to set goals, the kinds of goals you can set and strategies for accomplishing your goals.
  • Seven Ways to Cure Your ‘Too Much’ Problem – This wellness focused presentation will provide you with 7 clear steps to take action today on too much weight, too much stress and too much stuff.

“It helped me to realize I can accomplish anything. I need to make a plan and take baby steps to get what I need accomplished. If I don’t finish, I can continue the next day. Don’t give up. Keep at it.” – Gail Cassaza, Seven Ways

“I enjoyed learning about how different areas of clutter are integrated throughout our lives.” – Adrieene Tolentino, Seven Ways