It’s All Too Much! Full & Half Day Workshops

Are your employees suffering from TOO MUCH?


TOO MUCH stuff–whether physical, time or mental clutter–can lead to stress, financial burden, lateness, rushing, space problems and inefficiencies.


TOO MUCH stress is not a normal state to live in but yet we do.  What are the causes of stress, the effects and how can we reduce this seemingly ever-present condition in our lives?


TOO MUCH weight is a burden for many in our society.  But fad diets and get slim quick gimmicks do not work. What is a healthy diet or a healthy weight and how can you bring yourself to neutral on this issue?


What could your organization achieve this year if you helped employees tackle their “too much” problem? In this workshop, we will craft a treatment plan to maximize your employees’ physical and mental health and well-being. They can learn how to lose weight, eliminate clutter and reduce stress


What’s Included:

  • Event workbook filled with expert advice and worksheets to help keep you on track
  • Opportunities for ongoing support
  • 7 jam packed hours of everything you need to know to cure your TOO MUCH problem!
  • Optional: 5 minute massage, healthy snacks and beverages and plant-based lunch



  • A plan for handling your to-dos and your schedule
  • Strategies for decluttering your life
  • Organizing tools to keep your stuff in place and at your finger tips
  • Stress reduction techniques that will work for you
  • Delicious, easy, healthy menus
  • Grocery lists to make shopping a breeze
  • The know-how to put it all in place in your life!


“After the rampant stress and consumerism of the holiday season, this refreshing course will help you shed those things that weigh you down, and help you focus on those things that truly make you happy and healthy.” – Bari Klein, Health Promotion Specialist, Healthy Harford

“I want to share a workshop that I went to that started me on my organization of my “stuff”.   The workshop was an all day event. The day was awesome.  I got a healthy lunch while attending the workshop.  Also, if you are one of the first five, you get a massage.”   – Chris S. Attendee

“This workshop was a life altering experience. The presentations pointed out areas where I needed to focus my attention to gain control over certain aspects of my life.” – Donna Blasdell, Attendee