Organized For Life Full & Half Day Workshops

Is your office buried in clutter? Does an organized workplace seem like a pipe dream? This one-day seminar will help your team organize their belongings and conquer clutter to keep your projects—and life– in order!


Everyone has clutter. Too much stuff, not enough time, and stress over both!  Address the clutter and bring a more productive workplace into focus. Pulling from the areas of organization, productivity and chronic disorganization, this presentation addresses the following topics:

o   Letting Go of Clutter – What is clutter? How do you define organization? What barriers exist between you and a more streamlined lifestyle? Once you start discarding where will all that stuff go?

o   Conquering Your Clutter – Now that you have identified the clutter we delve into organizing your remaining possessions. Where should they live in your space?

o   Maintaining Your Space – Use time management and productivity techniques to incorporate tasks to maintain your clutter-free space. Learn how to create new habits. Identify and apply your vision for your space.


What’s Included:

  • Organized for Life workbook
  • List of where to take unwanted items
  • Worksheets for developing your plan for maintaining your space
  • Information on Chronic Disorganization and resources for support


  • Learn what clutter is and how to let it go
  • Conquer your clutter to set up organizing systems that work
  • Learn proven techniques for maintaining your space
  • Gain the confidence you need to tackle your project
  • Join a community of like-minded individuals that can support your journey!