Take Action! Full & Half Day Workshops

Do you or your employees have goals that aren’t materializing? Are you stuck in a rut? Take action and move your team – and your company – forward!


This session is designed to inspire your staff to take action on what they have been putting off.  Learn goal setting through a 5-step process and leave with a plan to accomplish what you desire. Following a hands-on format, participants will learn the materials and be able to put it into place in their own lives. Attendees will walk away with everything they need to launch forward successfully.


What’s Included:

  • Goal-setting techniques
  • Project plan
  • Downloadable workbook
  • Optional: Healthy snacks/lunch or recommendations


  • Learn how to set meaningful goals
  • Discover no fail strategies to make those goals a reality
  • Create a plan to put goals into action and create a vision for success.


“I pulled out my “Dreams to Action” workbook and was overwhelmed by the fact that I had actually accomplished most of my goals in one short year, and in several cases surpassed my goals!!” – Barbara Wagner, Bahoukas GreenJoy


“I loved the mind & body (exercise, eating right, sleeping) aspects of this course and how these things can be managed to impact your success” – Conference Attendee


” Dreams to Action re-energized me.  It reminded me that I DO possess the tools to set and attain goals from the simple daily goals to my more ambitious goals.” – Angela Rose, Harford County Chamber of Commerce


“Nettie engages individually and in group settings with a level of professionalism that is top notch!  The genuineness and authenticity that she offers are such gifts.  It would be easy to be intimidated by the information being shared but Nettie offers a high standard of care for one’s self and she believes in us. She is spot on.  I happily recommend her to both colleagues and to community members I work with!

The information presented in Dreams to Action (Take Action) begs to be shared.  We, human beings, can make healthy choices that impact us individually.  Those choices can continue to be shared and influence others while impacting our own relationships.  The information allowed me to look beyond the “current” schedule in my head and find time to think about and plan for future goals and projects. “- Sheila Murphy, Upper Bay Counseling and Support Services

“The workshop was very informative and helped me get my work future organized. I retired from government service and was looking for part-time work. Things are going well. Thank you.” – Andy Engle, Conference Attendee