New Stuff

I found a website where you can go to look up recycling locations for all sorts of stuff Finally I can figure out where to recycle #5 plastics! Also, yet another great green website I found that I can get local free range eggs for $.50 a carton cheaper at a farm stand […]

Looking into Solar Powered Energy Interesting link. Seems like these panels would be easy to install and the rebates from federal and state (total $4000 plus $3000 grant money) would be helpful in purchasing but the website says it will save you $80 a YEAR in energy costs? Wow, that is not very much… I’ll have to do more […]

Check this out for your next party…

Compostable cups, plates, bowls, etc. How cool! Mansfield Paper: GreenWave: Other links to check out:Pay As You Throw Garbage ProgramEPA – Pay As You Throw can’t believe that Aberdeen (the next town over has this program and we do not…) I think that PAYT should be mandatory along with recycling everywhere – […]

A car that runs on Compressed Air…

Jason’s Aunt and Uncle sent us this link and I just think it is the coolest thing. Of course, getting it here in America is a long shot since the oil and car companies would boycot it but… Another version… I am assuming by a different company is The second website has options […]

Junk Mail

I’ve been making an effort to call the magazines and catalogs that I receive and be removed from their lists. In addition to saving a few trees, it should also save me the time of sorting through all that stuff… plus, I do most of my shopping online these days anyway. I also found that […]